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Name:Rubber Rotorless Curemeters


Description:Rubber Rotorless Curemeters, is no rotor vibration system, used to measure rubber’s features of vulcanized viscoelasticity.

Rubber Rotorless Curemeters Detailed information:

Rubber Rotorless Curemeters


Rubber Rotorless Curemeters introduction:

Rubber Rotorless Curemeters, is no rotor vibration system, used to measure rubber’s features of vulcanized viscoelasticity. It is the most important device of producing, fundamental researching and ingredient controlling.


Rubber Rotorless Curemeters Product standard:


ASTM-D5289, ISO6502, 3417, GB-T16584

Curves type can be displayed:  

Upper and lower mould temperature curve

Vulcanized elastic curve

Vulcanized rate curve

Viscosity curve

Viscosity-elastic curve

TWN curve

Phase angle curve


Rubber rotorless rheometer Technical parameter:

Mould form-closeness mould

Mould form-openness mould

The form A use seal ring to separate mould center from outline border. The upper and lower mould can be completely closed and accurately feely to adjust the gap between upper and lower mould. Form B is openness mould.

Temperature control

Computer online control, PID.SSR control, control range: indoor temperature~200℃

Temperature precision rate

Temperature error ±0.3℃, minimum temperature reading value: 0.1℃

Heating speed

Room temperature~190℃<8’50”

Temperature changing time

175℃~190℃<4’ 190℃~175℃<4’50”

Vibration frequency

100cpm(1.66Hz), use servo motor

Torque range

Elasticity, 1~200 lb-in/viscosity, 0.3~200lb-in, you can choose computer automatically select or set by own.

Torque unit  minimum reading value

Kg-cm, lb-in, N-m 0.001

Vibration angle  measure time

±0.5°,±1°,±2°,±3°, time is not limited, and you can change it during the process


1∮,AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz±3Hz,10A

Air pressure

4.6Kg/cm2(0.46MPA) prepared by yourself

Specimen volume

About 3~5cm3

Total weight-closeness mould


Standard equipment

A set of computer system




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