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Name:Automatic melt flow index tester


Description:Automatic melt flow index tester Meet standards:ISO 1133,ASTM D1238,GB/T3682,JIS K7210,BS2782

Automatic melt flow index tester Detailed information:

Automatic melt flow index tester
Product description:
Plastic automatic melt flow index tester of improved type, increased many functions, like configuration, the use life of the instrument, the operation convenience, the test accuracy with the domestic general melt flow rate instrument incomparable advantages and cost-effective.

The automatic melt flow index testing machine is with table structure; the design is stable and reliable; the appearance is beautiful and the operation is convenient. The high precision control instrument has the characteristics of high sampling accuracy and fast control speed. The fuzzy PID algorithm is used for constant temperature control.

Automatic melt flow index tester Meet standards: 

ISO 1133,ASTM D1238,GB/T3682JIS K7210,BS2782

Product usage:

The automatic melt flow index tester is suitable for measuring melt mass flow rate(MFR) and melt volume flow rate(MVR) of plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, polyamide, fiber resin, acrylic, POM, fluorine plastic, polycarbonate. It is widely used in plastic production, plastic products,  petrochemical industries and related institutions, research institutes and inspection departments.


Multi-channel temperature control; five groups of platinum resistance sensor; five groups of separated heating

control system; high precision intelligent PID regulation, Settable heating rate

A. Temperature resolution: 0.1  Temperature uniformity: 0.2 

Temperature fluctuations: It does not exceed 0.5 within the 24 hours

Displacement sensor resolution: 0.001mm;

B. Over-temperature protection device;

C. Automatic cutting, setting the cutting time0~999 and the number of cutting 0~999freely;

D. Optional measuring methods: MFR, MVR or measuring by two methods at the same time. Then the flow 18 rate ratio can be calculated. Two methods start measuring when the piston rod is moved to a position.

E. Built-in temperature stabilization prompting alert and increasing (GB3682 provisions) material preheated second countdown. When the countdown ends, the machine will emits a sound. Preheated time of American standard (ASTM) can de setted.

F. Built-in various melt index test conditions of plastic materials, to facilitate the transfer of data that customers are ready to use, reducing tedious workload, and to save the last test conditions and results;

G. Built-in mini printer (optional)to print the test data;

H. High-precision touch screen controller, 7-inch color touch screen which you can store and print the recent data-50 sets of test conditions and data, the setting of test print menu including test time (default), operators, material name, test methods, test conditions (temperature , weight of weights, cutting time interval), the test result data, test results and human judgment OK or NG of test results;

I. To connect to the computer via reserved RS232 port or USB port;to save the test data to a computer by the operation of computer-controlled instrument; to search according to the conditions of testing time, tester’ name, materials’ name and other conditions, such as searching all the test results between two periods, or tester’ name, test materials’ name or whether the test results is OK. Adding some statistical functions such as drawing histograms, scatter plots, etc., and connecting more than one instruments by computer;

J. You can manually load weights or achieve automatic control of load weight up or down by rotating ball screw driven by a stepper motor.


The automatic melt flow index testing machine main technical parameters

1Extrusion part

Outlet diameter: 2.095 mm in diameter and 0.005 mm, outlet length: 8 + 0.025 mm

Charging cylinder diameter: 9.550 mm in diameter and 0.025 mm cartridge, length: 152 + 0.1 mm

Piston rod diameter: 9.475 0.015 mm, piston rod head length: 6.350 + 0.100 mm

2, standard test load (a total of 8 sets of weight)

3, the temperature range: conventional room temperature - 400 (500) optional)

4, constant temperature accuracy: 0.5,

5, display resolution: 0.1

6, cutting mode: optional manual or automatic cutting material

7, temperature recovery time: less than 4 minutes

8, melt flow index power supply voltage: AC220V 10% 50HZ

 The automatic melt flow index testing machine accessories









A total of 8 pieces (1# in the 1 level load)

 0.325㎏、1.2㎏、2.16㎏、3.8㎏、5.0㎏、10.0㎏、12.521.6k g


Weight tray  








Within 1 levels of load








Die cleaning rod





Loading rod





Barrel cleaning rod





Piston rod














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