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Name:Comparative tracking index testing apparatus


Description:Comparative Tracking Index Testing Appratus is applicable to insulation materials,engineering plastics, electrical connectors, accessories industry.

Comparative tracking index testing apparatus Detailed information:

Comparative tracking index testing apparatus

CTI tester product introduction

Comparative tracking index testing apparatus  for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household electrical appliances,electrical tools, electric motor, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, information technology equipment research,

production and quality inspection departments, is also applicable to insulation materials,engineering plastics, electrical connectors, accessories industry.

Comparative tracking index testing apparatus  is meeting these standards of IEC60112:2003 solid insulating material tracking resistance index and comparative tracking index determination method, UL746A, ASTM D 3638-92,DIN53480, GB4206.1, GB4207 and other standards.

The basic principle Influenced by damp electrical products and impurities environment, the possible results that different polarity between live parts or between live parts and grounded metal bring about are leakage insulation, short circuit caused by electrical arcing or electrical erosion of materials due to electrical discharge, or even causing a fire ignition. Tracking test is to simulate a destructive test to the insulation material according above situations. Test is on the surface of solid insulating material and between the specified dimension (2mm × 5mm) of platinum electrodes, applying a voltage, timing (30s), specifying height (35mm)  with specified and contaminated liquid dropping down (0.1% NH 4 CL), to evaluate the tolerance of solid insulating material surface in the association of electric field and contaminated media and test its comparative tracking index (CT1) and the proof tracking index (PT1).


Comparative Tracking Index tester Main features

Laboratory Equipment  Comparative tracking index testing apparatus is composed of test section and control components for easy on-site installation and commissioning. Chamber shell and structural parts are made of stainless steel or brass; controlled droplet adopts the most advanced control technology(precise control of droplet size), and the accuracy of 20 drops can be up to 0.02g. Micro pump with the front of debugging switch, is for emptying air of pipe before experiment. The electrode material uses the combination of copper + platinum, and can precisely adjust the level of sample stage and the position of the two electrodes for convenience.

Comparative Tracking Index tester Main parameters

A. electrode material test electrode: purity of Platinum, Electrode holder: Brass

B. Electrode force 1.00N ± 0.1N

C. CTI tester electrode distance 4.0mm ± 0.01mm, angle: 60 ° ± 5 °;

D. Electrode size (2mm ± 0.1mm) × (5mm ± 0.1mm) × (40mm ± 5mm), the platinum electrode 12mm, 30 ° ± 2 ° slope;

E. Test solution resistance A solution: 0.1% NH4Cl, 3.95 ± 0.05Ωm, B: 1.98 ± 0.05Ωm;

F. Droplet volume 20 drops 0.380g ~ 0.480g, 50 drops of 0.997g ~ 1.147g (It can be adjusted slightly);

G. Droplet height 35mm ± 5mm (adjustable);

H. Droplets time 30s ± 0.1s (preset between 0.0-99.99S ), time of 50 drops:  24.5min ± 2min;

I. CTI tester the number of drops: 1 to 999999 (digital display and it can be preset);

J. Test voltage: 100 ~ 600V (adjustable);

K. the power supply voltage drop: 8% when current is1.0A ± 0.1A ;

L. Tracking judge 0.50A ± 10%, delay 2.00s ± 10%;

M. Dimensions W1160mm × D600mm × H1295mm, Vent Ø100mm;

N. Inner Box Size: 0.5m3, width 900mm × depth 560mm × high 1010mm,

O. Comparative Tracking Index tester Black background, background illumination ≤20Lux

P. Test power 220V, 0.6kVA, 50-60Hz

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