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Name:Universal Tensile Tester


Description:A Universal Tensile Tester (UTM) is used to test both the tensile and compressive strength of materials.

Universal Tensile Tester Detailed information:


Universal Tensile Tester Introduction:

Universal Tensile Tester (UTM) is used to test both the tensile and compressive strength of materials. Other tests can be done: stretching, compression, deflection,bending, shearing, elongation, etc. Universal Testing Machines are named as such because they can perform many different varieties of tests on an equally diverse range of materials, components, and structures. Most UTM models are modular, and can be adapted to fit the customer’s needs.

Computer Universal Tensile Tester can accommodate many kinds of materials, ranging from hard samples, such as metals and concrete, to flexible samples, such as rubber and textiles. This diversity makes the Computer Tensile Testerequally applicable to virtually any manufacturing industry.

Different models of Universal Testing Machines have different load capacities, some as low as 2 kN and others as high as 2,000 kN. 

Computer plastic universal tensile tester Performance standard

ASTM   DIN    JIS   BS   GB/T528—1998  /T529—1999, ISO etc.


Computer plastic Universal material Tensile Tester Main Parameters:

ALoad cell capacity10KN(other capacity according to customer needs)

BForce resolution1/10000

CForce accuracy≤0.5

DPower magnifying multiplesseven segment

EDisplacement resolution 1/1000

FDisplacement accuracy≤1

   Power units : Kg, N, KN, g, lb; displacement unit: mm, cm, inch

G. Metal extensometer resolution: 1/1000(need negotiation)

HMetal extensometer accuracy: ≤0.5

ILarge deformation extensometer: ±1mm(need negotiation)

J. Speed range: 0.01mm/min~500mm/min(special speed testing can also be customized

  according to customer requirements)

K. Walking space: 800mm (Holder is included and special test space can also be customized

  according to customer requirements)

LTest Width: 400mm (special test width can be customized according to customer requirements)

M. Power supply:∮220V 50HZ or using 110V power supply according to customer requirements

OMachine Size: about 500 × 500 × 1800 mm (L × W × H)

PMachine weight: about650KG


Plastic Universal material Tensile Tester Main function and feature:

AHigh precision force sensor: 0~10KNForce accuracy: within ± 1%.

BCapacity segment:Full stepless variable speed

     High precision:24 bits A/D

Sampling frequency: 200Hz 

Maximum Force resolution 1/1000,000

CPower Systems: Servo motor+ReducerBall screwLinear BearingsPrecision sensors

DSpeed control system adopts frequency speed control system and gear motor: stable and reliable performance, with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload protection devices.

ETransmission part adopts arc timing belt with precision ball screw drive: smooth transmission, low noise, high transmission efficiency.

FEnsure the test concentricity and eliminate the the influence of irregular sample of the sensor.

GControl Systems: fast coarse adjustment with and slow trimming function. After the test,it automatically returns to origin and is automatically stored.

HData transmissionRS232 transmission

IDisplay:Test software on the computer screen

JSimple one file and precision seven file : double correction system.

KTest interface software can achieve the different test requirements of speed, position shift, given load (can be set to keep time), fixed load growth rate, given the stress growth rate, growth rate constant strain control mode with multi-stage control mode

LTest space:Test width about 400 mmStandard Specifications  

    Union board space walk600 mmExcluding fixtures)(Standard Specifications

MFull displacement:Encoder2500 P/RImprove the accuracy of 4 times. LINE DRIVE encoder is used with strong anti-interference ability. Displacement resolution: 0.001mm. Small deformationMetal extensometer resolution:0.001mmoptional

NSafety devices:Overload emergency stop devices; up and down stroke limit devices, leakage automatic stop power system, automatic break down function.



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