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Name:Melt flow index tester


Description:Plastic Melt Flow Index tester meets the demands of GB/T3682-2000, as well as ISO1133-97, ASTM D1238,JIS K7210 and other standards involving main parameters.

Melt flow index tester Detailed information:

Plastic melt flow index tester


Product introduction

Plastic Melt Flow Index tester meeting standards: GB/T3682-2000, as well as ISO1133-97, ASTM D1238,JIS K7210 and other standards involving main parameters. 

Plastic melt flow tester is suitable for measuring melt mass flow rate(MFR) and melt volume flow rate(MVR) of plastic materials.It is applied in plastic production, plastic products,  petrochemical industries and related institutions, research institutes and inspection departments.

Testing material:polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, polyamide, fiber resin, acrylic, POM, fluorine plastic, polycarbonate.


Main features:

1,  Automatic cutting, accurately up to 0.1s; setting the cutting time and the number of cutting freely

2,  Precise color controller in English; special customized membrane keypad;  incomparable advantages in the control precision and service life.

3, Dual temperature control system:double imported heating coil, double imported PT100 platinum resistance sensor, independent temperature control of the upper and lower sections, to improve the test accuracy and stability of temperature.

4, Plastic melt flow tester Built-in mini printer to print the test data


Performance standards

 Temperature range:normal temperature-400℃

Temperature fluctuation:±0.2℃

Temperature uniformity:±0.5℃

Temperature display resolution:0.1℃

Time display resolution:0.1S

cylinder diameter:Φ2.095±0.005mm

The length of the discharge hole:8.000±0.025mm

Charging cylinder diameter:Φ9.550±0.025mm

Plastic melt flow index tester weight accuracy:±0.5%

Output mode: automatically printing via mini printer

Cutting mode:cutting by hand or automatically

Test load:total 8 grades,8 sets of weight

Plastic melt flow tester Power voltage:AC220V±10%   50HZ

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