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Name:Weight Auto Load Melt flow Index Tester


Description:Weight Auto Load Melt flow Index Tester is suitable for measuring melt mass flow rate(MFR) and melt volume flow rate

Weight Auto Load Melt flow Index Tester Detailed information:


Weight Auto Load Melt flow Index Tester Product introduction


The melt flow rate instrument of improved type, increased many functions, like configuration, the use life of the instrument, the operation convenience, the test accuracy with the domestic general melt flow rate instrument incomparable advantages and cost-effective.


Weight Auto Load Melt flow Index Tester Meet standards

ISO 1133,ASTM D1238,GB/T3682JIS K7210,BS2782


Weight Auto Load Melt flow Index Tester Product usage

The melt flow indexer is suitable for measuring melt mass flow rate(MFR) and melt volume flow rate(MVR) of plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, polyamide, fiber resin, acrylic, POM, fluorine plastic, polycarbonate. It is widely used in plastic production, plastic products,  petrochemical industries and related institutions, research institutes and inspection departments.


Weight auto load melt flow index testing machine feature

       1The results can be automatically transformed into each other, which has the function of melt density testing, and has the automatic loading device. A machine can timing, cutting, loading, printing.

        2Control software can achieve the setting of the parameters, constant temperature control, cutting, measurement calibration, automatic loading weights, timing, MFR and MVR results showing, the calculation of the melt density, enquiring and outputing of test data. To prevent incorrect operation, part of the important operation need to use password authentication.

        37 inch full color touch screen, in the English and Chinese language interface.

        4、The heating rate is fast, the overshoot is small, the temperature is high, and the temperature can be quickly restored after the filling. Has the upper limit temperature protection, constant temperature sound prompt, reply time sound prompt and so on function. ? 

   5By setting, automatic identification of ASTM standard, ISO standard, national standard test interval.

   6、The MVR value of the specified time sample can be determined by using the volume method, and the MFR value is obtained after weighing the samples, and the results are compared with the test results of the quality test.

   7The system has the function of testing parameters, and can store the quality method and volume method of the eight groups of test parameters.

   8The maximum temperature is up to 450~500 degrees (matching, the need for special instructions)

   9Can be a long time to test a strong corrosive plastic and non-destructive instrument accuracy, such as the whole system of fluoride plastic (special materials, please specify when ordering)Please note that when the material is special, please specify the order.Domestic only our company have this technology.


Weight auto load melt flow index testing machine main technical parameters 

1Extrusion part

Outlet diameter: 2.095 mm in diameter and 0.005 mm, outlet length: 8 + 0.025 mm

Charging cylinder diameter: 9.550 mm in diameter and 0.025 mm cartridge, length: 152 + 0.1 mm

Piston rod diameter: 9.475 0.015 mm, piston rod head length: 6.350 + 0.100 mm

2, standard test load (a total of 8 sets of weight)

3, the temperature range: conventional room temperature - 400 (500) optional)

4, constant temperature accuracy: 0.5,

5, display resolution: 0.1

6, cutting mode: optional manual or automatic cutting material

7, temperature recovery time: less than 4 minutes

8, power supply voltage: AC220V 10% 50HZ

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