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High temperature test tensile test machine
Click:726 Release time:2017-09-02

Big news!  High temperature test tensile test machine is sold abroad

The customer test metal road with 900 degrees.

And our 200KN tensile tester is equipped with 900 high temperature furnace device.

Please check our following chamber specification:

2. Technical Parameter
2.1 According to the three section temperature control design;
2.2 Wide temperature range: 200 to 900 ℃;
2.3 The temperature accuracy assessment: according to the standard of HB5195-96B;
2.4 Tropical length: constant temperature segment 150mm;
2.5 The furnace dimensions: Φ90 * 300mm, can design according to user requirement;
2.6 The way of control: direct type (thermal couple tied the specimen) or indirect
(thermocouple is inserted from the side surface);
2.7 The temperature fluctuation degree:
≤600℃ ±2℃,
600~900℃ ±3℃,
2.8 The temperature gradient
WGW-300 High Temperature Furnace Operation Instruction 3 of page12
≤600℃ 2℃,
600~900℃ 3℃,
2.9 temperature measurement precision of the instrument: no less than 0.3; control
mode: PID intelligent control, including fuzzy logic PID regulation parameter self-tuning
control method function;
2.10 Power: 380V, 50Hz, 3000W;
2.11 The working environment: room tep.