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Dongguan Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.
Click:899 Release time:2017-07-10

 Dongguan Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Activity

On 1st, 01, 2017, all of us went to a farm to make dinner. The activity was proposed by our Boss and he would like us to relax ourselves and the activity united us together and promoting our cooperation spirit.

 On the way to the Farm, we purchased condiments and shrimps. And the personnel from the farm provide the team with a chicken and a fish and some green vegetables.




 Some people are responsible for cutting mean and dealing with vegetables. The left people are responsible for cleaning the pot and tools. And the most interesting thing is to cooking. Everyone are rushing to take the chance to cooking, showing their cooling skills. Franking, the whole cooking process is very exciting.




 The dishes they cooked ere very delicious. Of course, nothing can be perfect. Some dishes were a little bit burnt. Whatever the activity is very interesting, everyone looks forward to another farm cooking activity and hope that next time, more people can join us.