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Melt flow index instrument host structure introduction
Click:531 Release time:2017-12-08
Melt flow index instrument host structure introduction
  Melt flow index instrument is used to characterize a variety of polymers in the viscous fluid flow performance of the instrument.
Melt flow indexer comprised by host, temperature measurement system, temperature control system, sampling control system, automatic measurement system, automatic printing system, load lifting device and composed it by seven main parts.
Below we will introduce the main structure of Melt Indexer in detail. The main machine is the center of Melt Indexer, also called extrusion system. It is composed of furnace body, barrel, piston, die, weight and other components:
Melt index furnace body made of brass, with the outer layer of electric heater, internal thermistor temperature sensing element. Furnace fitted with cartridge.
Melt flow index tester barrel is one of the key components of the instrument, its processing accuracy and quality of use and maintenance directly affect the test results. To this end in the use of this piece of protection to prevent bruising or scratches the inner hole destruction of finish.
Melt index piston made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, rod length 210 mm, diameter 0.02, the piston weight of 106g, this weight plus the weight weight, equal to the actual load weight, the upper end of the piston rod engraved with two 30mm apart Scribing ring for the sample cutting start and end lines.
    The melt indexer die is made of tungsten carbide material, with the barrel into a gap fit, the outer diameter of 9.55- (0.03-0.06), the inner diameter of 2.095 0.005mm and 1.18 0.01mm two kinds of height 0.025mm, the size of the die directly affects the accuracy of the test, for which we must often use a special plugs to test die diameter size.
Load (weight)
    The melt flow rate tester load is the sum of weight and piston weight, with an accuracy of 0.5. The instrument is equipped with nine kinds of quality specifications with the weight, the use of the selected weight placed on the weight tray, the lifting device under the control of the weight with the tray up and down. The weight has a base weight, matched with the piston rod, forming the pressure on the material.